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August 11 2017

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Nick Edwards.

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By Spencer Long

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August 05 2017

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Earn, Darius, & Paper Boi for Atlanta art I did not long ago! Hate the season is over but looking forward to season 2!! 

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Landscape suicide, James Gilleard

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some (non-chronological) drawings a banana I did

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BBC Sound Effects Records (early 1970s)In the early 1970s, the BBC produced numerous sound effects records. Though many were created for educational purposes, such as ‘Squeaky Eyeballs’ (1973), the public were encouraged to utilise the more practical releases in their daily lives.

Track 4 from “Uncomfortable Silences. No. 4” (BBC Records, 1971) Scarfolk Council

Labels: 1970s, BBC, family, Hauntology, law, library music, LP, records, sound effectstotalitarian, vinyl

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Rich people force poor people to work for them for wages. The poor do not get to negotiate these wages. Wages are what the market dictates is a fair price for one hour of their labor. Though a cashier at McDonald’s handles easily hundreds of dollars in an hour, she will be paid $7.25 an hour regardless of what her employer earns from her labor and they will insist this is fair. She may hate her job and cry every night on her mother’s pullout couch wishing she could find a better, higher-paying job, but all of this suffering is her choice, obviously.

Oh, that’s right — a lot of people think that if you’re not being coerced to work by top-heavy goons by gunpoint, you’re somehow not being coerced to work. They like to spin these weird pretzels of logic where those without money or resources are actually free to live in a world where the rich have now privatized the commons and kicked out the ladder. When confronted with the reality that single moms work because if they don’t their kids are taken away, they shrug and insist those moms shouldn’t have had kids. When confronted with the bleak dilemma that many millions of chronically ill people face staying in horrible jobs every day to keep their health insurance, they shrug and insist it’s their own fault for getting sick in a country where medical care is prohibitively expensive. So on and so forth.

Capitalist shitbag science means the rationalizations for injustice never end. No, unless you’re literally being held down by gunpoint, none of this will ever qualify as coercion. They always win because you’re always free to choose something else — apparently.

— Holly Wood,  Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science (via probablyasocialecologist)
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Virgil Finlay (1914-1971), “Castle of Frankenstein”, Vol. 5, #3, 1972


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Takatsugu Kimura, 1984

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