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June 19 2017

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no fucking words

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After a brief editorial hiatus, here’s a gif I made of Eleven for The Power of Food Nostalgia in Movies & TV. Big thanks as always to my AD Anna!

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Jenna Andersen

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Boris Dolgov, ‘The Inverness Cape’, “Weird Tales”, Vol. 38, #3, 1945


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Astounding Science Fiction, February, 1946

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Sinister sirens… 1950s covers for Startling Stories by Ed Emshwiller (1925-1990).

Crisis management at disasters around the world swings into action at varying speeds. But even in remote areas, international bodies have normally set up obvious local centres of support fairly soon after the event.
It has not happened in North Kensington.
London fire: ‘Outrageous’ lack of help for Grenfell tower victims - BBC News (via iamdanw)

June 18 2017

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Ska Prism. Sarah Zucker, 2017.

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