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June 02 2017

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Eric Yahnker

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By Sheridan Jess

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Shepard Fairey
“Decoding Disinformation”

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How eggs are made. From Married To The Sea.

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Art Legend Keith Haring

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What it’s like for a .gif

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bitch me too

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bull sit!

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Josef Ofer (Israeli, b. 1965, Tel Aviv, Israel, based Amazonia, Brazil) - Harmonie, 2009  Drawings: Graphite on Paper 

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An Uninvited Guest (1844 / Watercolor, pencil & ink) - Adolph Menzel

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“Eclipse” by Jake Amason

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idle hands walk cycling

May 26 2017

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The illustrations here are from the book  "悪魔のいる天国" (“Satan is in Heaven”) by science fiction writer Shinich Hoshi and it was first published as a novella by Tokyo Hayakawa Books in 1973.  The artist is Hiroshi Manabe.  Rigid, geometric figures in  grid-structered spatial compositions build scenes that are instantly poignant and alluring.  There’s an almost unsettling sentiment in these illustrations that lets them stand on their own, the story can be disregarded (even though it’s very good).

I strive to attain these kinds of aesthetics in my work.  They are endlessly gorgeous and inspirational, I pick up this book at least once a month to marvel.

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