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May 13 2018

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how have i never heard of until today.. it’s an internet library that functions just like a real one, as in you borrow the books for 2 weeks and then they are returned to the archive. you can dl pdfs as well, but you’ll lose access after the 2 week period. it’s all free tho, literally just like a real library. i was searching for a cheap copy of this serial murder book from the 90s for my thesis and i found it for free on here. there’s like.. no gimmick at all? i’m so amazed. i literally just signed up and now i’m reading a super hq scan of this book for free. i love libraries.

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Full Circle

Atlanta: Season 1, Episode 1 “The Big Bang” // Atlanta: Season 2, Episode 11 “Crabs In A Barrel”

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Here’s a big panel from the new issue of “Grappling” that I’m working on! The main character Sebastian encounters a giant centipede and drops his torch. 

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Barbara Kruger

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From Le Journal Amusant, 1927.

My Strange & Unusual Site | Books | Videos | Music | Etsy

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Fortunato Depero, Meccanica di Ballerina

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