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November 30 2017

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Negotiation Child: Wisdom Deceives - PSN, Japan only (2009)

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venture brothers sketches aaaa

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Bernard Picart, The Chaos or the Origin of the World, 1733

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It’s open to debate.

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a bad dream?

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November 25 2017

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How To Actually Fight For Net Neutrality


There’s a lot of big, wordy articles going around tumblr right now, and they’re all great. But I wanted to make a mastpost of sorts of all the actions you can take and sites/bots that are here to help.

battleforthenet - The main hub for all things net neutrality. Fill out a form in seconds to e-mail your rep, or enter your phone number and a prerecorded message will call you, tell you exactly what to do and provide a script before connecting you with your representative. You can also set up a daily call.

Verizon Protests - Protests are happening at Verizon stores across the country on Dec 14th. 

5 calls - This site is my favorite for calls. They provide a script and directions for calling the FCC, senators, and local state rep. 

Resistbot - A phenominal service for those who cannot call, this bot will contact your rep on your behalf. However, every time I try to use it, they are busy.

Many of you are hitting the same roadblock I am: Mailboxes are full. So what do we do at that point? We send letters. Go to and enter your zip code to find addresses for your senators and house reps. You can use the phone script from the sites above, or compose your own note, or simply write “I am your constituent and I want you to fight to keep net neutrality.”

I know a lot of this is very overwhelming and hopefully this makes things easy and straightforward. You can send an e-mail, make 4 phone calls, and write a letter in less than 10 minutes. Please take the time to do so. 

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Solving anything in New Vegas



there is honestly nothing more gorgeously tacky than bowling alley carpet

Don’t even talk to me if all of your clothes aren’t made out of bowling alley carpet

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This has been a Doctor Professor A. A. Dinwiddie, (spelled with an “O,”) D.M.(7th), D.Thau., B.Occ., M.Coll., B.F. (AKA The Bursar) appreciation post.

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