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November 20 2017

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Andrea Ucini (Italian, b. Italy, based Hundested, Denmark) - Too Easy from An Article About A Weapons Accident, 2017

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Revealing the Hidden Patterns of Birds in Motion

Dennis Hlynsky, a film and animation professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, creates videos at the intersection of art and science. Hlynsky transforms ordinary footage of birds and insects into ethereal illustrations by digitally tracing the paths they travel. 

Hlynsky’s work is typically featured in galleries, where the video is projected on large screens with recorded sound. To see more videos from Hlynsky, please visit his Vimeo channel

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Hey atlanta airport do you take constructive criticism

Atlanta pilots make do.

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Face Glitch - 171117
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I literally can’t stop laughing omg

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Ch'an Chu and The Peaches of Immortality.

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Thomas Feuerstein-GADGET, 2016, charcoal on paper, steel artist frame, 135 × 180 cm

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Diego Lazzarin.

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Claas Gutsche Entrance (2009), Linocut on paper, 103 x 89 cm

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Neat fact: hummingbirds are the most common animal used to make hyperbolic and oddly specific assertions!

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Flower Power
(Count Franz Graf, 1875)

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The Rat Catcher 1919

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November 16 2017

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10:30 me: let’s do a quick squid sketch
11:30 me: …what just happened

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