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May 22 2017

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The interior of the Millenium Falcon was something of a disappointment.

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jose luis lopez galvan

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The Naked City, Liam Devereux

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Welcome to swordfuckers. From Married To The Sea.

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Bad Memories, animated illustration for Cabide, 2016

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.. is ellen gonna fuck the tiger

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Video Game Idea.









A game that is marketed as your standard fishing game and for the first 20 minutes or so you catch normal fish like bluegill and bass and what have you. But the further you go into the lake you start to catch fish with mutations and it gets more and more intense until you’re pulling in Eldritch horror monsters and sometimes severed human limbs. You realize you don’t recall how you got to this lake in the first place and the objective becomes to find your way back to shore. You have no real weapons but you can throw the creatures you’ve caught far away from the boat as a means to distract whatever is underneath you, bumping into the boat sometimes.

Additional items for the game.

  • A fishing pole with a radar that starts out with just beeps but later includes noises with hidden messages.
  • A GPS that displays texts and story elements.
  • You meet other boaters, all from various backgrounds, countries, and time periods. Some are friendly, others want to sacrifice you to the lake monsters.
  • You can also take the route of sacrificing others to the lake monster.
  • Or you can assemble a party and work to keep them safe.
  • The more fucked up looking the fish you catch, the closer you’re getting to a boss fight, which is usually running from something you can only see part of in the water.
  • ????

And that’s my game idea.

More details.

  • It never stops being a fishing game. You are always fishing and searching for new areas where there is more activity in order to progress the story.
  • Depending on the choices you make and the amount of mutant fish you consume, you may start to mutate yourself. The fishing pole is part of your arm, you don’t notice it until later. If you consume mostly non-mutated fish and don’t sacrifice to the monsters you can keep the mutations to a minimum.
  • You can go full mutant and the boat becomes part of your body as well. This makes the monsters pay less attention to you, but you can no longer befriend or trade items with humans. You can still catch human remains and most of them are carrying items.
  • If you stay mostly human you can work to gather as many surviving humans as you find and assemble a fleet. The possibility of one of them turning on you always stands.
  • If you’re mutant you gain the ability to capsize yourself and view things under water. This is how you find ultimate monster.
  • If you’re human you can explore small abandoned docks and islands. These are where you find portals leading to different time periods and countries. You deliver members of your party to these. Only the person who originally belongs there can go through it.

Possible end game situations.

  • You find the portal leading back to your world, where you wake up on the river bank. You can catch normal fish before going home, making sure they are all free of mutations (they might not be.)
  • You join the monster, eventually overtaking it. You gain the ability to open time portals near water. You use lures to draw in humans.

I can’t think of anymore endings right now, I may have ruined the game with these new details so feel free to just enjoy the first part.

Terrible concept art.
Mini game idea. Compete with members of your party to catch the most fucked up fish. Points awarded based on how many extra body parts it has and if it communicates telepathically with you.

Added my No-Romo posts to this because I feel they are the most important additions. (I am not a writer or game designer or really capable of making anything so this idea is just wishful thinking at best.)

Concept art if it was a more stylized, cute game. You would be able to customize your character and your boat. Sorry this became so big I’m tagging it with it’s working title “Lure” for now. I legit expect nothing at all to come from this, I just like to design and concept out things a bit.

The ultimate ending to the game would be to ignore all plot points and just keep fishing.
Meet a person? Tell them you’re not interested in working with them.
Feel like you’re getting close to a boss monster? Turn the boat a different direction.
Just keep catching and cataloging the fish until you run out of room in your journal. After that the sky opens up and sucks you into it.
You wake up exactly where the game started but the first page of your journal now says “YOU DID A REEL GOOD JOB!” And that’s the ending I would shoot for.

More shitty concept art! I’m done now. Anything else pertaining to this will have it’s own post. (I ruined it after the first post, I know I did.)

This is incredible.

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An illustration from Laughing Ann by Alan Patrick Herbert (1925).

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Alice Wellinger

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Extremities, Eliza Douglas

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Old Fart Batman Confronts His Wasted Wishes at the Intersection of Space and Time. 2009-10. 24" x 36". Pen and ink on paper. (Still available for sale).

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Home showing at 2139 Mill Road.

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Columbo what the fuck are you talking about


May 17 2017

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In the 70s, Atari clearly had a vision of what the arcades of the future would look like.”

God the nostalgic feels that just YANKED on my heart and soul.

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More Tolerable | Eric Petersen

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